Fleet analyses

Is your company considering green transition?

Let Fremsyn help you with the transition of you fossil fleet of petrol and diesel vehicles to greener alternatives such as electric, hydrogen and biomethane (bio-CNG). At Fremsyn, we have great experience with potential assessments in the area of green business plans, and we will give your fleet a 360 degrees inspection. Get your fleet analysis tailored to fit your fleet, as well as your needs and wishes.

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The proces: Fremsyn's fleet analysis

We offer a fleet analysis consisting of four main categories with three subcomponents each. First, we assess your company’s needs as the basis for our recommendations to vehicles, as well as infrastructure and payment solution. With all recommendations in place, we calculate the results. This give you an overview of the effects on the economy, the climate and the environment with a greener technology compared to a conventional fossil fleet. We round off the fleet analysis with an action plan and offer to follow you across the finish line from defining your requirement specifications and selection of offers to the commissiong of your brand new green fleet.


Company profile: Overview of business industry, employees and green company policies.
Daily operations: Overview of fuel economy, insurances, taxes and car service agreements. .
Transport profile: Overview of driving patterns, mileages and duration of operation period.


Vehicles: Which vehicles meet the requirements and needs best both economically and practically?
Charging infrastructure: Where to put the charging spots and which operator provides the best solution?
Energy and payment solution: Fixed rate subscription or with a consumption-based payment?


Economy: TCO calculations for the green fleet and comparable vehicles on petrol/diesel.
Climate: Reductions of CO2, CH4 and N2O for the benefit of the global climate.
Environment: Reductions of NOx, SO2, particles and noise for the benefit of local people's health.


Buying or leasing: Which finance solution is most profitable for the fleet?
Schedule: Get an overview of delivery, establishment and launch of the green transition of your fleet.
Tender: Get assistance to obtain price quotations from suppliers of vehicles and infrastructure.

Overview: Costumise the content

Our fleet analysis is divided into five types of possible scenarios for calculations and comparison of the results. We can costumise the your fleet analysis to your wishes – an example could be that you wish to have calculations done to compare a repurchase of your current vehicle models with the new conventional fleet and the recommended green fleet. In the following figure, you can get an overview of what a standard fleet analysis contains and what we can offer of costumisations and supplements.


  1. The current fleet in your company
  2. Repurchase of the current vehicle models in your fleet
  3. New conventional fossil fleet equivalent to our recommended green fleet
  4. The recommended green fleet
  5. Extra green scenarios