Without political actions, heavy duty transport is stucked with fossil diesel in the future

The possitve effects on the climate and environment are overlooked in the tax system for the transport sector.

Our neighboring countries are booming with biomethane to replace fossil diesel. The green technologies for the sustainable conversion of the heavy road transport are ready, but there are no financial incentives in Denmark. Failure to act will maintain fossil diesel as the only practical fuel for the vast majority of heavy vehicles in the future.

Fremsyn (2019): Johansen, M., Pilgaard, M., and Boesgaard, K. Without political actions, heavy duty transport is stucked with fossil diesel (Danish: Uden politisk handling er tung transport fastlåst til fossil diesel). Feature for the online magazine MobilityTech. Available at: https://pro.ing.dk/mobilitytech/artikel/miljoe-og-naturressourceoekonom-uden-politisk-handling-er-tung-transport

Fagbladet Ingeniøren
June 2019
DTL Magasinet
p. 38-39
September 2019
Gas energi feature

Obstacles for biomethane for transportation

Challenges with enrolment of biomethane as a propellant for the transport sector.

The current tax burden for biomethane vehicles (bio CNG) is a challenge for the heavy transport sector if the government’s plans to phase out fossil fuels is to become a success. Biomethane for transport has so-called negative emissions, as it removes CO2 from both agriculture during production, and afterwards while driving (compared to gasoline and diesel). There is a need for recognition of the positive climate effects with biomethane. This can be done, for example, by adding negative emissions to the already introduced terms low and zero sessions.

Fremsyn (2019): Johansen, M., Boesgaard, K. & Pilgaard, M. Obstacles for biomethane for transportation (Danish: Bump på vejen for biogas til transport). Feature about challenges for biomethane. Published in the magazine GASenergi, 2019 no. 1, 8-9.

No. 1
February 2019
Page 8-9